Dryer vent cleaning is the essential process of making sure all your ducts and vents are clean so they provide maximum efficiency for your home. Your health and safety depend on it!  Let Air Hawk take care of that hidden threat in your home. We offer affordable, expert dryer vent cleaning services that improve the quality of your indoor air and the overall safety of your home.


Anything that goes into the dryer vent can potentially get trapped there. Literally. It could even be an animal – from rodents to small birds!  

Another example is home improvement work that fails to take into account existing vents. Home extensions and retrofitting can sometimes block your vents and create invisible problems. 

But the most common cause of dryer vent problems? Lint. Tiny amounts get blown out of the dryer and into the duct. Over time, they accumulate into gigantic masses that stop airflow, cause longer dyer cycles and represent an enormous fire hazard.


Dryer vents and ducts often get neglected. The ducts can’t be seen, the vents are often unreachable, and we tend to forget that home health, safety and efficiency depend on proper maintenance. 

Over 14,000 clothes-dryer fires are reported each year. These fires take a tragic toll of 9 dead and over 400 people injured every year, with over $222 million in property loss. 

The leading cause of these fires? Simply not cleaning your dryer duct and vents on a regular basis. Dryer vent cleaning protects your home, increases energy efficiency, and improves indoor air quality! With Air Hawk Heating & Cooling, you don’t have to worry about your safety and expenses. We give you affordable solutions for complete peace of mind!

  • Reduce house fires
  • Decreased allergens
  • Better energy usage
  • Save money

You won’t know it at first, but the longer you go without proper cleaning, the lower the air quality, the higher the electricity bills – and the danger for your home. 

Think about it: one-third of house fires are caused by dryers with lint accumulation alone. Aside from that, other small problems may compound the danger. And when a tiny spark starts the fire, it’s going to be inside the duct or at the back of your dryer, so you won’t even know it until it’s too late.

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